A programmatic ad for a hotel displayed on a mobile device
A programmatic ad for a hotel displayed on a mobile device

Want to save money when buying digital media?

Whether you're buying media with an agency or a dedicated in-house media buying team, our 8 Steps to Better Programmatic Media Buying guide will ensure that your media budget is being spent efficiently.

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You're wasting your ad budget.

Our best practices guide ensures that your digital media spend is targeted, efficient, and transparent.
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Assembling a digital advertising campaign

We make sure your campaigns are best in class

Brand Safety

Can you confirm your ads are only on brand safe sites?


Are your ads reaching the right people?


Do you know how much of your media budget is being spent on media vs. technology?


Are you optimizing your campaigns in real-time?


Is there a system in place to measure fraud, viewability, & brand safety?

Reach Frequency

Are you reaching people or delivering impressions?

How we work

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We'll understand your marketing goals and business objectives


We'll come up with a solution and framework that works


Work with your existing teams or assist new team to ensure campaigns are executed within industry best practices

Best Practices Guide

8 Steps to Better Programmatic Media Buying.

Our Best Practices Guide will help to ensure that your digital media campaigns are primed and ready for success.

The guide will focus on the following...and more!

Brand Safety

Are your ads only listed on brand-safe sites?

Impression Fraud

It is essential to use a system that blocks fraud before purchasing.

Managing Ad Frequency

Ad frequency helps marketers understand how many users saw your ad. Managing your ad frequency saves money and returns a higher ROI on your campaigns.

...and more!
User managing ad frequency for his programmatic ad campaign

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